To-Do List! Plan Ahead for Good Bedtime Habits.

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Preschoolers and children in elementary school have particular sleep needs:

  • Preschoolers (age 3-5) 10 to 13 hours
  • School-age (age 6-13) 9 to 11 hours

When determining a good time for your child to go to bed, it’s important to work backward from the time he or she needs to wake up for school.  For example, a 5 year old who needs to be at school at 8am and who requires about an hour to get ready and eat breakfast might function best going to bed at 8 or 9 pm and waking up at 7 am.

Remember, though, that most young children wake up early.  So extending their bedtime until 10pm isn’t necessarily going to result in their sleeping later in the morning.  It will likely just result in a cranky child, particularly if this isn’t part of their regular routine.

Source:  National Sleep Foundation.

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