MEDICATION DEPLETION AND AWARENESS! Better understand what your body may be missing.

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Some drugs can deplete vital nutrients.

The following drug is known to cause nutrient depletion:

  • Lisinopril (Oral Pill) Tablet


  • Do I need it? An essential mineral, zinc is not naturally produced by the body. Beef, pork, lamb, fish, and chicken are excellent sources of zinc, but fruits and vegetables are not.
  • What does the nutrient do? Zinc is essential for the immune system to work properly. It also plays a role in cell division, cell growth, and wound healing. Zinc is needed for smell and taste senses as well.
  • What are the symptoms with this deficiency? Symptoms include: frequent sickness, decreased appetite, taste and smell disturbances, wounds that are slow to heal, and skin sores.
  • Suggested Zinc Dosage: 10-50 mg/day.

If you have any of these symptoms, come talk to us.
Together, we can come up with a nutrition plan that best fits your needs.

We care about your health and wellness.

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